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Diggers Delight Pop-Up Record Swap @ Tip Top / Sunday Dec. 10th


The Diggers Delight Record Swap is back @ the Tip Top Daily Market on Sunday, December 10th at 2pm. The crates are packed full w/ plenty of new selections (we also have a selection of Holiday classics out this month)!!!

Records are for sale!!! 
Also, If you have any pieces (or collection) that you're thinking of letting go, feel free to bring them out... We're always looking to buy & trade. 

Premium Sound will be in the building (with even more awesome music & cool stuff) along w/ handmade craft donuts from PepperBox Doughnuts... 
Come on out and grab some new music!!! 

Holiday Bazaar @ Resident Culture / Dec. 2nd


'Tis the Season! We'd like to invite you to join us in preparing for the holidays with some of the best food trucks across the state, live music, and a bounty of amazing Plaza Midwood & local shops with artisanal gifts galore. Our vendors will be here from 12-4pm and the party will continue into the night. 

The Oinker 12-5pm
Zeke's Meats 12-8pm
Tin Kitchen 5-10pm

Flatlands Tourists Unplugged 1-4pm
Jim Garrett Trio 4:30 - 7:30pm

The Toasting Company - Gourmet s'mores, featuring handcrafted graham crackers and marshmallows - they toast each s'more right in front of you. They have classic recipes, along with modern culinary spins like cinnamon bun & salted caramel. 

Central Coffee - Our favorite local coffee shop will be serving up their delicious coffee (and decaf), along with freshly baked cookies and homemade syrups! 

It's Poppin' Kettle Korn - Straight from the 7th Street Public Market, they'll be serving freshly popped, hot kettle korn, along with bags full of fun flavors.

Wild Hope Farm - Located less than 40 minutes away, Wild Hope Farm is bringing fresh, organic seasonal vegetables: beets, turnips, carrots, kale, collard greens, rainbow chard, broccoli, bread, and cabbage, along with homemade sourdough bread.

Moxie Mercantile - A unique lifestyle boutique in Historic Plaza Midwood that brings a sophisticated blend of home & personal accessories to the Queen City. Products are based in elements of nature with a focus on touch of hand. Handmade leather goods from Utah, hand-poured soy candles from Indiana, hand-hammered jewelry from Boston and handcrafted linen bags from Brooklyn all paired with lots of wonderful Fair Trade commodities from Africa, supporting women and children. 

Forsaken Vintage - A Charlotte-based, carefully curated vintage shop that captures the spirit of rock and roll, American history, and taxidermy gems. 

Diggers Delight Record Swap - it jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop or rock, they just love music and are dedicated to, "Preserving vinyl culture from Charlotte, NC & bringing dope-ass records to you on the regular." They have plenty to choose from to add to your collection and are always on the hunt for more if you are looking to trade/sell. 

Royal Peasantry We are excited to welcome one of the newest additions to Plaza Midwood by way of Asheville, NC. "Nomadic utility, forever mysteries, fantasy costume and ritual adornment made with hands & heart." From feathery earrings to crafted head adornments, they make magical fashion statements. 

Tiny Mittens Flair - "3 dope babes making one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn custom pins" with plenty of pop culture references. Be prepared to start your own flair collection or make a friend very, very happy. 

Moonfox Vintage - Part of the Plaza Midwood Central Ave establishment (and Tattoo Lounge), Haylo, Moonfox is a "Handpicked selection of unique and one-of-a-kind pieces... full of vibrant patterns, rompers... high waists, leather, and seasonal staple items." 

Poinsettia Sale for Midwood Baptist Parent's Day Out Program - Poinsettias will be available for purchase & proceeds will benefit the local Midwood Baptist Parent's Day Out Program for 6 months - Pre-K.

Vinyl Trifecta Pop-Up Record Shop @ Tabor / Sept 30


The Trifecta: We're bringing you loads of vinyl this Saturday afternoon (Sept 30; 2-5pm) @ Tabor.  The homies from Premium Sound and Cream Puff Records are coming out , & we're setting up the crates on the front porch.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot - FREE BEER y'all!!!
Come on out!!!

421 Providence Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28207

Diggers Delight Pop-Up Record Swap @ Tip Top / Sept 10th


The Diggers Delight Record Swap is back @ the Tip Top Daily Market on Sunday, September 10th at 2pm (and the crates are stacked with so many awesome new records for YOU)!!! 

Records are for sale!!! 
Also, If you have any pieces (or collection) that you're thinking of letting go, feel free to bring them out... We're always looking to buy or trade. 

Premium Sound will be in the building (with even more awesome music & cool stuff) along w/ handmade craft donuts from PepperBox Doughnuts... 
Come on out and grab some new music!!! 

Saturday Night Special: Soulful Tunes, Art & Culture @ The War Mouth / July 29th

A night of music (soul, funk, hip-hop and more), art, booze and other cool 'ish. "Saturday Night Special" will be the place to hear rare grooves and cool music that you're not going to find on your top 40 radio show.

DJ Preach Jacobs & Flock of Slagles on the wheels (along w/ some special guests).
$5 to party all night long. See ya there!!

The War Mouth
1209 Franklin St.
Columbia, SC 29201

808!704 @ Snug Harbor / July 22nd

Saturday, Jul 22, 2017 2:00 PM
(Doors @ 1:00 PM)
Ticket Price: $10.00
Door Time: 1:00 PM
Restrictions: 18+

Snug Harbor
1228 Gordon St. 
Charlotte, NC 28205

Armada Skateshop
Cosmossisstones (Brianna Daniels)
PepperBox Doughnuts
In The Beat of the Night WUAG 103.1 FM
Diggers Delight
BEAT LIFESound Blanket Music Club/ Everything But Black
Outside Recordings
F4mily Matters

Prof. Logik: 
Prof.Logik is 32 year old Gregory Grant a born and raised south-side Jamaica Queens, New York progressive hip-hop producer currently residing in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. Despite being a self-described “yank“, the professor’s music clearly has southern and international influences throughout.

"Cosmoore is bringing the harmony of the universe to the stage with his expansive sonic vibrations. It’s not an accident that his name shares so many letters with “cosmos.” Listening to his dreamy tracks is a transportive experience that leads to the astral realms. Cosmoore also draws inspiration from nature, but it’s more about pulling in the energy of Gaia rather than being influenced by a specific landscape. He takes a shamanic approach to music-making, crafting sweet sounds that invoke transcendent experiences."

NC Musician, Artist, DJ & Producer influenced by sonic atmospheres, aural textures, ambient surfaces and deep meanings.

I'm not really a bro. I just like making music.

NahhG is an beat-maker born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Blending the familiar sounds of foreign jazz and soul with hip-hop, he takes you on a unique head bobbing experience with his music. Catch his radio show Tuesday Trips on NTS Radio monthly, with different up and coming artists from around the world.

Brett Leggitt or "Deku" is an Atlanta producer who makes loop-based experimental electronic music. Being very fickle and constantly infatuated with some new sound, instrument, or technique results in the producer covering a wide palette of styles and genres. His self-described "primitive" methods give his music a unique texture and flavor all it's own. As such, many of Deku's works are littered with a variety of sources covering the spectrum from field recordings and noise pollution to found sounds, traditional samples, and hand-crafted (and recorded) instrumentation. 

25 Yrs old. I love making music more than anything in the world. i do it for the love and preservation of all music culture! i love my fans and appreciate anybody who appreciates my art

Simon SMTHNG: 
Simon SMTHNG: Producer. Recording Artist. DJ. 704. Genres are stupid.

Oak City Slums: 
It’s not often a person just wakes up one morning and starts living their dream. However, that’s exactly how Rodney Finch became Oak City Slums, a hip-hop/bass producer that’s dropped chill beats across the Triangle — from Neptunes to The Ritz. Influenced by producers like Jersey Club, Baltimore Club, Digitalism, Crystal Castles, and J Dilla, Oak City Slums pulls from a mixed texture of sound, ranging from poppy and vibrant to dark electronic. In the other ear, he draws from jazz sample bass. With a punk and death metal background and years of experience drumming for his church band, Oak City Slums was born.

An NC/SC native hidden in the sounds. Never setting a limit to what he would like to create. From boom bap to 808's under melodic chords he admires them all. A student before anything but also an artist, producer and engineer. He is AMWA(A Man With Antlers)

Don’t take refuge in the false security of consensus
Xtals: crystallography in music

Panther God: 
Panther God (Paul Gaeta) is a musician, producer, artist, and founder of Circuitree Records. His most recent LP, Golden Changes (2014, Outside Recordings) is a masterful album that synthesizes elements from hip hop, jazz, soul, and experimental electronic sounds and creates something wholly new. Panther God manifests chromatic burst of synesthetic sounds that balance the innermost workings of a mind ablaze with the deepest bodily experiences of bass and beat drops. The music is distinctively his own, but it also moves effortlessly between joy and darkness, minimalism and rich expression. Panther God lives in Asheville, NC.

Mr Atomic: 
Owner/Co-Founder of Outside Recordings LLC, Kris oversees and releases music by an international collective of Mega Talented Artists, Producers and DJs Like ADJ, Mindelixir, 214, Scanone, Roel Funcken and Tropa. A respected DJ and Producer, Kris performs as Mr. Atomic and draws influences from heavy doses of Miami Bass, Electro, Detroit Techno, Dub Reggae and Hip Hop. Kris has performed with Huge Electronic acts like Flying Lotus, Moby, Shpongle and EOTO as well as curating cutting edge events with the Outside Collective like Tipper, Salva and Phoenecia.

Pop-Up @ Palmer St. Game Bar / Saturday June 17th

We're stoked to be over on this side of town for the first time tomorrow afternoon!!!
Swing thru 2pm-6pm / we have the crates stuffed full for your digging pleasure....

+ I heard they have a ton of cool games & pinball machines!!!!

Palmer St. Game Bar
412 W Palmer St
Charlotte, NC

Diggers Delight Pop-Up Record Swap at Tip Top / June 11th!!!

The Diggers Delight Record Swap is back on & popping @ the Tip Top Daily Market on Sunday, June 11th at 2pm!!!

Records are for sale!!! 
Also, If you have any pieces (or collection) that you're looking to let go of, feel free to bring them out... We're always looking to buy or trade. 

Premium Sound will be in the building (with even more awesome music & cool stuff) along with PepperBox Doughnuts w/ their handmade craft donuts & Dr.Noodle w/ the bangin' sliders!!!! 
Come on out and grab some new music!!! 

Tip Top Daily Market
2902 The Plaza
Charlotte, NC 28205

Hot Stuff Pop-Up Market @ Petra's - July 31st

We’ll be out at Petra’s on Sunday, July 31st 1pm-7pm for the Hot Stuff Pop-up Market!!!
Swing on thru - check out the vendors - & of course - get yaself some new music!!!

1919 Commonwealth Ave. 
Charlotte, NC 28205

Here is the Facebook event page -